One Hour & 50 Min.
History of Tom Mann:
Tom Mann fished the B. A. S. S. circuit for seventeen years and was a top contender.
This is his first bass fishing dvd video. He fished the first seven Bassmaster Classics
before retiring, on the average finishing higher than any other pro. Not only that, but he
did it using his own lures. He was named the "Pro's Pro" by his peers. Tom and Ann
Mann started Mann's Bait Company in 1958 and built it to one of the largest lure
manufacturers in the world. Tom Mann designed and founded Humminbird depth
finders in the early 1970's. It is now one of the largest depth finder companies in the
world. Tom founded Southern Plastics in 1976. It is now the largest supplier of soft
plastics world wide and they are now maketing over one-hundred private brand names.

Tom Mann has made many accomplishments in the fishing industry. Here are some of

*He was inducted into the Fishing Hall of Fame and awarded the highest honor to the
bestowed on a professional fisherman, the Dolphin Award.

*He was appointed to the advisory board of the Bass Anglers Sportsman Society in

*He was inducted into the Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame in 1986 for his
accomplishments and contributions ot the sport of fishing.

*He was named as one of Alabama's Most Unforgettable faces by the Alabama Bureau
of Tourism and Travel.

*He has sold over a billion lures and is considered one of the world's top lure designers.

*He was recently named to the Tournament Fishing Hall of Fame.

*He hosted numerous television shows on ESPN, TNN, Sports South, The Sunshine
Network, The Outdoor Channel and other syndicatd shows.

*His show currently runs of the Sportsmans Channel. The name of the show is Tom and
Tina Outdoors. It features the first female co-host for a program of this type, Ms. Tina
Message from the Producer:
I first meet Tom Mann in the early 1970's at a B.A.S.S. national tournament at Sante
Cooper in South Carolina. It was my first big bass tournament or I should say, first
tournament. During the next five years I fished twenty-six of the B.A.S.S. tournaments.
Although I fished them more for fun than money, thank goodness, I found competiting
in them very tough.  The pros would tell you very little and if they did, it was to lead you
in the wrong direction. From an I.R.S. standpoint, if I were a pro, I would have starved
to death.
Just one tip in the first volume of Tom's School of Bass Fishing would have provided me
a lot more fun and  made me a lot of money.  You may be able to guess which one it was
when  you view the bass fishing DVD video. It is one of the fifty steps to becoming a
pro in the series.
Later in life, I started a saltwater syndicated TV show that aired on 26 stations
throughout the nation. The show ran for five years before I began producing
instructional saltwater fishing programs for Bennett Marine Video.  

I am now hosting and producing a series of fly fishing programs.
I have produced over 60 fishing programs. The School of Bass Fishing is based on my
two decades of experience in producing fishing videos, so this is not something I just go
There are a lot of bass fishing videos and DVD on the market -how to do any and
everything. There are also numerous "Watch us catch a fish" TV shows but, if learning
is the objective, there is nothing that comes close to comparing to Tom's School of Bass
There are thousands of magazine articles on "how to bass fish". Most of them are
written by professional writers that quote other bass fisherman. Some of them do far
more writing about bass fishing than they actually bass fish. This is not to imply that
most articles about bass fishing are not informative or that they will not help you learn
to catch bass. I am not trying to say that other instructional videos on bass fishing  are
not helpful, but I am saying that none of them compare to Tom's School of Bass
Fishing.         Here is why.
Tom didn't follow other bass anglers in making this program. He didn't quote any other
anglers or bass pros. He didn't quote any outdoor writers either. He didn't pass on any
information that he didn't learn first hand from experience.
For the first time ever, Tom
is passing on to others his methods, strategies and techniques for catching bass.
A book has been written about Tom entitled "Think Like a Fish". Can he really "Think
Like a Fish?"You bet he can and if you can't, you are a long way from becoming a good
bass angler, much less a pro. He learned to "think like a fish" from sixty years of
fishing; from designing more bass lures than anyone; from raising and studing bass for
years in his aquarium (the size of a house); from fishing the pro circuit for 17 years;
from founding a company to make finding bass easier (Humminbird);  from founding
Southern Plastics, a company that makes most of the soft plastics baits sold under a
hundred names; from building and fishing his 11 farm ponds; and from loving fishing
certainly as much, maybe more than anyone.
Tom Mann is the world's best bass angler.
The bottom line is that you can learn more about bass fishing from this series of DVDs
than you can learn on your own in years. It will not replace experience, but it will help
improve your bass fishing success quicker and more than anything else you can do. If
you are planning on winning mega bucks or even your local bass club tournament, you
will be pounds ahead by watching and reviewing Tom Mann's School of Bass Fishing.
James Marsh
Only $24.95
Tom Mann's School of Bass
Fishing DVD Video
Tom Mann, fishing legend from Eufaula,
Alabama and maker of Jelly Worms, the
Little George and Hummingbird
depthfinders, died on Friday, February
11, 2005.